~~~PROSECUTOR JUAN MARTINEZ~ The Audacity of Hate~~~ State of Arizona Vs. Jodi Arias~~March, 2013

Looks like a fresh dye job on Teflon Juan.

*My first inspired essay on "the prosecutor", "rock star", "Teflon Juan" Martinez:

Phoenix prosecutor Juan Martinez is a targeted man.  I should know.  I’m the one who targeted him.  With a cartoon gun aimed at my TV screen,  and the sound of a very big gun, probably an assault rifle, cocking  its chamber, then aiming square at the prosecutor, as he refers to himself,  pacing to and fro’ across the courtroom.  When the giant  gun fires, i.e. goes BOOM!,  shrapnel scatters across the screen, cartoon shrapnel that is.  Of course, the prosecutor’s voice  can still be heard for a split second  after the boom dies down.  Hint, hint.  Now, if the  app I used to make the 17 second video had been a tick faster, I would have shot Dr. Richard Samuels.  And I wouldn’t be writing this essay, I'm pretty sure.

Sometimes a point is made without planned intent.  I didn’t set out to be the most hated internet videographer of the day when I uploaded the 17 second video.

Mr. Martinez has a growing fan base on the internet.  He’s practically worshiped by the thousands who daily spread comments on facebook pages that would make even him blush, perhaps.  Women want to have sex with him.  Men want to drink with him.  And others pray for him regularly.  In their eyes, St. Juan can do no wrong.  Because he is, it appears, avenging the death, of St. Travis.

This trial has pulled the hate strings in America hard through the Court Of Public Opinion. Even worse I think than last year’s election. The Superior Court of Maricopa County has become  a circus.  With Mr. Martinez as the ringmaster.  A few days ago, he dyed his previously salt and peppered mane charcoal black. He knows it’s almost time for his close up as the trial nears its  conclusion. And he knows you never dye your hair too close to the day of a big event!  At least, he learned something from Jodi.

Now Mr. Martinez really didn’t hit his stride until Arias herself stepped onto the stand.  That was the day the walls were shaking, the earth was quaking, and he shook me all night long…..Oh wait, did that really happen? No.  But like a bolt of lightning, that song jumped into my head and well, there it is.  Mr. Martinez’ rate of spoken words per minute alone was enough for me to want to yell at the screen, “slow the freak down!” .  And then it was the  incessant “yes or no?!!!”  And all the twists of verbiage that I have to believe made many an educated viewer say, “huh?” or write, “WTF?”   Arias stood up to his questioning though, steadfast and strong and with a polite, firm, impressive command of the English language.  She was used to men verbally attacking her, or so the story goes.  And Mr. Martinez was but another.  Plus, with Mr. Martinez, he held her very life in his hands with his words.  Only one other man had allegedly ever had that degree of control over her.  His name was Travis Alexander.

So day after day, Mr. Martinez rips into one exquisitely small uttered detail after another.  I am convinced the number of heartburn sufferers watching the trial and commentary on HLN has gone up exponentially.  Headline News’ number of Zantac commercials  at least in Florida, prove it.  So under Mr. Martinez’ cross cross-examination, if you will, trip over one of his land mines and you’re impeached.  Misspeak “yes” when you meant “no” because you don’t realize the question got changed in mid-paragraph and you’re shrieked at!  Pause to collect a thought, thirty lashes!  Answer more than “yes” or “no”, and off with your head!  Your brain becomes “scrambled” and you’re toast!  Green eggs and ham may not be far behind.  And that’s just in front of the judge.

For our television viewing audience, if Jodi  asks Mr.Martinez to repeat a question – she’s hostile!  If she cries, her tears aren’t real. Her cold sore becomes a curse from God,or a sexual disease she’d gotten in prison…egads!  If she turns toward the jury after every question, she is a robot! If she smiles spontaneously, she is smirking! Nothing she says or does qualifies to support that she is a human being, a mere mortal, from all available evidence.  I submit that never have more unwinnable situations faced a single person in a court of law.  Put aside the biggest question, whether the jury will find her guilty or innocent of the charges brought forth.   The smaller questions, like silent hungry termites, spew from Mr. Martinez’ mouth day after day after day through each witness’ testimony.  If the jurors are not befuddled and flummoxed by now, I’ll eat my hat. 

So what does one do when one is compelled to watch this grand debauchery of our legal system, saturated to the point that clickety clacking words onto a screen just isn’t atisfying?  In my case, I decided to post a video that made me laugh out loud and let the world decide if it was “funny or not” or maybe if it was “funny or die”, to perhaps ominously reference a website where viewers vote on submitted humorous videos.  Because after said video got reported on by “My Fox Phoenix” I felt like I was the one with the bulls eye drawn onto my forehead.  Certainly “guilty before ever given a chance to prove innocence”.  

Comments posted ranged from, “idiot!” to long-winded diatribes full of all the reasons and ways Jodi Arias should die and that  I was likely also a killer.”  There were many “I’m calling the police on you! “  and “I’m reporting you for a terrorist threat” comments. I was a little shaken by those for about five minutes, I’ll admit.  Not because I felt I had done anything wrong.  But because if I  had done something wrong ostensibly,  it was against someone in Arizona, Maricopa County even.  So I did a little damage control and responded to a couple of the haters.  

I don’t have a violent streak.  Occasionally, I’ve been accused of having a mean streak, but that was mostly during my childhood.  My dearly departed parents, if I recall, would say that on occasion.  What does that equate to in the DSMIV?  Certainly to  my being a sociopath, if not a psychopath.  Being from Alabama that just means you’re a little mischievous and stubborn, which I won’t deny. They say one outgrows that.  Anyway, I decided to leave things be.  I didn’t take down the video. But I did disable the comments on youtube.  That got to feeling icky.

Ever since I took a look at this case without the voiceovers of HLN, with their spliced audio bits, daily slander against the accused and all connected to her, special effects, previously thought to be intelligent and thoughtful professionals cackling like hyenas over the girl without a date to the prom, I felt both on an emotional and intellectual level that something was not right here. 

In a nutshell, that the whole truth and nothing but the truth had been told by no one, at least on the witness stand.  And that Jodi Arias had quite likely caught herself in a web of lies based on her fears, and then a conundrum developed based on her sensitive intellect and her love for her family, complicated even more by the system of justice in Arizona. 

So I began to post those thoughts, not like a small, but growing number continue to do.  And oh, the haters they did come.  I have no problem, for the most part, using the “block” and “ban” features on facebook.  Sometimes I’ll ask for an apology for a particularly mean comment.  And if I don’t get it, I’ll ban them.  That has turned out to be  a wasted step.  But day after day I go back.  Into the fire, if you will.  Oh, I had been a regular contributor at a “support Jodi” board, for a short while.  And that felt all warm and fuzzy for awhile.  But then that buzz wore off too.  So I abandoned that board altogether.

Nowadays, I post what I’ve found as facts in the case from public records resources mostly, that tell a story of a lazy, inconsistent path of least resistance taken by Mesa Police Department, and God only knows what else perpetuated through the courts of Phoenix, Arizona.  All of which is supported by the chorus of thousands from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormons and other thousands of Pre-Paid legal associates, the multi-level marketing seller of monthly membership plans, with those two often overlapping, and a few actual “friends” of Travis Alexander, chanting, “Jodi did it.  Jodi did it.”  And of course, egged on vehemently by Headline News and their whoredom.

My voice of one, and a few other brave souls,  didn’t really seem to have a chance against it all.  We were spurned on, and still are, by a quest, for the whole truth, not just the convenient one.    Was that what I wanted for all of us?  To be heard?  It seems so.  I even started a petition against HLN and their salacious coverage awhile back.  

The more I watch Mr. Martinez badger and belittle defense witnesses, the educated, the elderly, the ones hired to do a job that has now cost them likely more than any paycheck from the state of Arizona will ever make up for, I realize it might be just the time to take out the “big guns”, if you will.  So what if it’s a cartoon gun, that it’s not real? 

Neither is Snow White.  

That hasn’t stopped Mr. Martinez from prostituting the dark-haired beauty, he hopes, with the unwitting help from Ms.Alyce LaViolette,  a gracious, sincere, thoughtful woman who has done more for victims of domestic violence than likely anyone else in this country, maybe even the world, on the stand as an expert defense witness. 

And a bunch of nameless, photo-less or fake photo’d facebook haters who use  exclamation points gratuitously, almost ad nauseum ,not unlike Mr. Martinez’ uses “objection” won’t stop me now either.

In closing, allow me to submit for ‘the record” , just in case it isn’t abundantly clear by now,  that I would not hurt a fly on Mr. Martinez’ newly coiffed and darkly colored head.   Nor would I encourage anyone else to. Court starts at 9:30 today, Arizona time. 

Click below for the "Juan Martinez Shut Your Pie Hole Video"