Tuesday, August 15, 2017

~~Cue the Actors!~~DONALD TRUMP Craves HIs Dramatic Ending~~August 15. 2017

Folks, I wanted nothing more than to keep blogging on Trump and the suckers and sucker fish that surround him.  But I have a malady that might be lyme disease, or something else.  Makes me tired as hell and because I need a cause, an injustice to write about, and the accompanying anger for fuel, I have had to be quiet.  Anyway, for what it's worth, which I'll go ahead and say, is clearly nothing these days:

TRUMP  and all the surrounding hoopla, including mainstream media, are just one big money churning machine.  Now I don't mind journalists being paid for their hard work at all, but I do mind when they've kept the truths that so many of them know from being published for the public to know in the interest of prolonging the news cycle to generate more profit. Truths that have hurt, and even killed innocent people. 

Think about how much money CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and all the youtube channels, and others have made stretching out Trump's criminal, immoral, and socially deplorable acts with all hiding under libel laws. Truth is its own defense in all matters of libel and defamation of character actions. They know it. And Donald Trump knows it. 

So why didn't they save us sooner?  Because the man with the gold rules, and the ......ahh, that's all I got, folks. Sucks when I can't find the words I want!