~~~The ROOT OF ALL EVIL - The Value of Travis Alexander~~~2013~~~ UPDATE: February 14, 2016

UPDATE: 2/14/2016 - From the beginning of my interest in the Jodi Arias trial and the investigation of the death of Travis Alexander, I felt compelled to look at the other side.  I don't believe true and complete justice was served by the sentencing of Jodi Arias to spend the rest of her life in jail with no chance at parole.  Essentially a death sentence, however prolonged. As one juror said about the prosecutor, "Juan Martinez is hiding something". Besides the glaring holes in the investigation, whether willful or through incompetence, or a combination, the gross prosecutorial misconduct, and Jodi Arias' convoluted testimony, interviews, and written communications, there are the financial profiteers.  Here's my take on things from 2013. An interesting development with Chris Hughes is that his wife, Skylar Hughes, filed for divorce. From what a few close to the Hughes have sent me, things are not what they appear behind Chris Hughes "motivational speaker" image.  Of course, I always consider that sources may also have their own agendas.
C.S. aka Chris Hughes, was Travis Alexander's alleged "best friend".  Hughes knew Travis for 8 years or 10 years or for his whole life, depending on which version of the story he's telling.  Hughes, using the power of the internet and the bobble heads at Headline News, and the repetition of a limited number of "Jodi and Travis" stories, punctuated by the words "freaky" and "creepy" orchestrated one of the largest, if not the largest, hate campaigns, against a single person, criminal defendant Jodi Arias, through social media, that I dare anyone to try and disprove. The hate, threats, and damage by over zealous followers of Hughes reached into the personal lives of many.

To believe that the jury in the State of Arizona vs. Jodi Arias was not affected by this massive campaign, whether by watching HLN or going onto the internet themselves, or through the influence of family and friends who no doubt felt obliged to inform their loved one with a warning as to what happens to those who disagree with the lynch mob, is to put one's head firmly and deeply into the sands of the Arizona desert.

The hate campaign by Hughes started well before the verdict of guilty came down last week.  I believe his hate campaign contributed largely to the lynch mob coverage by HLN and commentators, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vinnie Politan, Mike Brooks, Joey Jackson, Ryan Smith, Mike Galanos, and their many "expert guests", and "friends of Travis".  Or more accurately, that each fueled the other.  HLN obliged by gratuitously showing the photos of Travis Alexander's naked, dead, mutilated body and basically making a circus out of the HLN set, with commentators acting like playground bullies, and likely getting heftier and heftier bonuses the meaner and gnarlier they became.

Where Travis' family sits among this rubble of hate, revenge, obstruction of justice, and bullying, I have not quite figured out.  I lean towards them being victims of the much larger, more powerful goals of HLN and of Chris Hughes.  Though, the family has certainly profited from donations directly and indirectly solicited by HLN and its commentators, and the Chris Hughes tribe, I believe those profits may pale in comparison one day, against the full and true picture of what really went into securing a first degree premeditated murder conviction against Jodi Arias. And what was sacrificed for that.

The hate campaign by Hughes, I submit, was a direct attempt to quell any suggestion or confirmation that Travis Alexander was anything but a Saint, an angel on earth, and had never even masturbated until he met Jodi Arias. Maintaining Travis' reportedly pure and chaste and honorable reputation within the Mormon church and within the ranks of Legal Shield, formerly Pre-Paid Legal, was the clear and undeniable goal.  Whether that has been securely achieved remains to be seen.

Since the trial began, the HLN nightly line up has included, almost every single night, at least one Hughes brother (there are 5 and all involved with Legal Shield), or Legal Shield Associate, along with HLN's various "experts", all amazingly and almost identically supporting the complete guilt of Jodi Arias, and the absolute pristine image of Travis Alexander, even in the face of the direct evidence of Travis' own filthy, abusive, vile words to Jodi.

Jodi Arias' defense for killing Travis Alexander was that she was defending her own life, which she perceived he intended to take after he exploded in a fit of rage.  Travis Alexander was abusive, mostly verbally and emotionally according to Jodi's testimony, and the same was the conclusion of domestic violence expert witness Alyce LaViolette.  This defense was fought back at viciously by mass cyber bullying, including falsely reporting any facebook page that supported Jodi Arias, or that even supported her having a fair trial, and in many cases having those pages disabled for days at a time.  LaViolette's book rating on Amazon plummeted thanks to the thousands of "reviews" entered on Amazon, actually violating policy, but nonetheless allowed, disparaging LaViolette for testifying for Jodi's defense.  Mostly saying that Jodi did not ever suffer abuse at the hands or through the words of Travis Alexander, and that LaViolette knew not of what she spoke, despite her 30 years of experience which directly contradicted Dr. Janeen Demarte's indecipherable number of years experience.

Sources have told me, sources who allegedly witnessed Travis' explosive temper from his past that they were too afraid to come forward because they have seen what happens when anyone dares tell a story that illustrates the abusive behavior Jodi described.  Hughes, HLN, and prosecutor Juan Martinez  first cast the spell of "St. Travis", and only recently have they allowed Travis-Who-Did-No-Wrong-Okay-Maybe-A-Little-But-That's-Okay, as the Saint image has managed to fall just a tic by way of his own vile,disgusting, character assassinating words, both spoken and written revealed at trial and his dalliances with a string of women.

What about Travis' alleged addiction to internet pornography of a certain age group shared by unrevealed sources to this writer? Evidence allegedly exists to this support this allegation.  The jury will never hear that, though. Certainly this is not to say that any abuse or addictions or even pedophilia justifies Travis' killing.  Only that Jodi was defending her life and took his in that defense, as she pleaded, would justify his killing.

So, who is the person or persons who might suffer the most, financially and socially,  should Travis Alexander's behaviors, including alleged pedophilia and alleged abuse of other women, including Mormon women,  be revealed, or worse, testified to in court?

I offer that it is C.S. aka Chris Hughes and wife, Sky Hughes.  Hughes describes himself as "Husband, Father, Infoprenuer, Author, Speaker, Excavator of Human Potential, Personal Development Jedi-Master, Legal Shield Associate & all around nice guy." He appears on over a dozen websites, promoting videos such as, "How to Master Everything" and "How to Make Money" and "How a Penny Can Help You Get Rich".  His talent seems to be speaking.  A lot.  And selling what he has spoken about.   Both Hughes and his wife, Sky, testified in a hearing before Judge Sherry Stephens as to the existence of letters allegedly handwritten by Travis to Jodi.

The letters described deviant behaviors of Travis Alexander,  that were they to be made public, could seriously harm the reputation of Hughes, since Hughes takes credit for finding and developing Travis Alexander into the exemplary motivational speaker he was becoming.  Hughes asserts the letters were forged.  He even says he hired his "own expert" to verify that they were forged.  Yet, the court never made such a finding.  The court motions reveal a convoluted effort by the State to keep the letters out, and as was so often the case, the state won.  The Hughes also couldn't seem to make up their minds on emails that they themselves sent to Travis calling him out on his bad behavior with Jodi and other women.

They apparently wished to simply "retract" those written words now and had figured out a way to cast their words in a light disparaging Jodi instead. They didn't get a chance to. Neither was called to testify.  That seems to have not sat so well with C.S. , if we choose to believe his own words.

The exploitation of both the life and death of Travis Alexander seems to have no bounds.  We have now reached the point that the masses, and again, I say, led by C.S., Chris Hughes, master motivator, public speaker, and salesman extraordinaire, will stop at nothing less than having Jodi Arias put to death.  Hughes says he speaks for the family and believes they all also want her death.  He rarely misses a chance to reiterate his desire to see her death, nor it seems do any of his 4 brothers, and a sampling of Legal Shield associates.  He most recently tweeted, "Some people deserve the death penalty.  Jodi Arias is one of those people."   Jodi was also a person both he and Sky Hughes at one time wanted Travis to marry.

As for the verdict, nevermind that the case for premeditation was unbelievably flawed by both an incomplete investigation, perjury by Detective Flores, and the unconscionable constant shenanigans of Juan Martinez. Martinez withheld evidence,manipulated, bullied, and intimidated the defense witnesses so much so that the truth was rarely told more than a half sentence at time because of his compulsive objections.

Nevermind all that.  Chris and Sky Hughes want Jodi Arias dead. That way she can never speak another damaging, albeit truthful word about their "best friend". The "best friend" who Hughes had allegedly had a "very important conference call" scheduled with June 4, 2008.  That conference call never happened.  Five days later, Travis' nude, mutilated, dead body was found slumped in his shower.   The Hughes, according to Hughes himself, were planning on meeting Travis Alexander and Mimi Hall in Cancun Mexico. When asked where he was the night Travis was killed, Hughes said he didn't remember.

He had to ask his wife.  Hughes has repeatedly told HLN, tweeted to the masses, and probably told every taxi driver and taco stand worker in Mesa that Travis was "very fearful" of Jodi.  This creepy Jodi, who acts in such a way, to hear him tell it, defines all laws of human nature and decorum.  This woman who he stated might burn his house down in the middle of the night.  Yet, not Hughes or anyone at his direction checked on Travis for five days?

Hughes and his posse like to say Jodi dragged Travis' name through the mud. I'd offer that Travis drug Travis' name through the mud.  And the defense only hit a few of the deeper mud holes.  Jodi Arias, and not just her name, got dragged through the mud though.  Like a dog that gets hit by a car on a rainy night and limps home to an owner who decides to beat the dog for going out in the rain, the mobs have kept after Jodi, assassinating every bat of her eyes, every swipe of her brow.  In the courtroom, Juan Martinez badgered, yelled, manipulated, bullied, and ranted like a lunatic trying to unnerve Jodi.  She held up like a champion though.  Almost five years in jail and out of the abusive clutches of Travis Alexander or any other man had grown her self-confidence.  But in the court of public opinion, which her access to is limited, the slaughter on the internet with words, photos, and "art" depictions has been merciless and the effects of that will linger on.  I think sometimes, about the children of these haters and how one day they will be able to see what their parents created.  Chris and Sky Hughes' children, too.

Jodi Arias has been described, drawn, painted and photographically depicted as a lying whore, when any tangible evidence of such, by any reasonable standard, simply does not exist.  No one could even be found to testify that Jodi ever lied before June 4, 2008.  She had 4 boyfriends in 15 years.  Dr. DeMarte, the barely licensed psychologist tried to portray Jodi as having more than 10 jobs in those same years as incorrigible.  Nevermind that Jodi worked in restaurants, and was also a talented, budding photographer and artist.  Hughes on the other hand, goes on endlessly about his "rags to riches" story, his litany of low wage menial jobs, his ducking the repo man when he couldn't pay for his car, making himself sound like a real life Horatio Alger character.

This hate campaign, this vile disgusting lynch mob of agendas is now beating the drum for Jodi's lethal injection. The most marketed of those agendas, is "Justice for Travis".  I call it the "Justice for Travis" train. And I'm fond of saying that train left the station a long, long time ago.  No justice for anyone has been served.  And most certainly it will not be with killing Jodi Arias.  "Justice for Travis" is the thin veneer hiding the agendas of a few larger forces, unbeknownst to the masses of followers, followers who will do without a needed item to send $10 to one of the Travis Alexander funds, or maybe $5 for a Travis Alexander trinket of some kind.  Hate sells.  And it sold a hell of a lot of advertising space on HLN.  Which in turn gave air time to the Hughes brothers and Legal Shield associates to both promote their business and rev up the St. Travis choir. Which in turn seeks to assure that Chris Hughes is not thought of as the man who brought Travis Alexander, a woman abusing, chastity law breaking, alleged pedophile or hebophile to a podium or a stage in his town.

The Hughes will be appearing on the Dr. Phil show
on Monday, February 15.  It is my understanding guests
are not to speak about the content of the show prior to airing and
that in fact an agreement is signed.UPDATE:  Sky Hughes did not
appear.  According to Chris Hughes public statements, she divorced him.