Sunday, January 29, 2017


Said to be writing his inaugural address, Trump is purposely being posed as an elderly man who can barely hold a pen and has to borrow someone else' desk.Is this part of the "exit strategy" plan?

Alex Jones can almost taste his role as lead broadcaster in the Trump administration. Jones found a lucrative market in appealing to a segment of the mentally ill and others susceptible to the power of his lunatic suggestions and conspiracy theories. I'll guess this is much of what TV Trump is obsessed with that's taken him down the rabbit hole.

Stephen Bannon, WH "strategist".  When Trump starts throwing folks under the bus, he should claim "elder abuse" against Bannon for manipulating Trump's feeble mind.

Now that Trump's used the Caymans for his financial gain for decades, he wants to rip away this option for everyone else.Part of his plan to become the richest man in the world.
Looks like this was never paid.  Why isn't the city of New York doing more to reveal Donald Trump?

Florida Tax Lien for Trump

Manafort. Russia. Period.

From NY Dept of Labor complaint on Manafort.

Ukranian words flashed on screen for a few seconds. Odd.

This page is gone now, but whether it was a rogue bot or actually Barron Trump, its goal was to stir up divisiveness between races and classes. Another Bannon idea most likely.  Mainstream media has largely ignored the big stories behind what goes on on social media to manipulate and influence.

Trump family knows everything.

Englebrecht is behind the non-profit that
professes to be rooting out voter fraud.


Why anyone wears sunglasses in their profile
pic is beyond me.  It just screams, "I can't be trusted."

Trump's profit makers are raking in millions.  It's against the law and against
common decency. But like he's done his whole life, he'll break the laws, make a killing, then wear out any lawsuits with legal minutiae, all resulting in his making way more money than any judgment could ever render. It's a pattern.

Breitbart News is now running this youtube channel. They first posted on Breitbart website and tweeted one of the videos, then next day was gone and only listed on White House channel. Breitbart is now State TV.

Just another act of a malignant narcissist that some will see as insignificant and cute, but others recognize as Trump's disdain and disrespect of this country and its people. Wonder if that Marine would like his cover back?