Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Monsanto chemist now Eastman "consultant"
Jerry Hopper, grew up in this home, directly across from
my family home. The Hoppers sold the house to
an economically and mentally disabled family through a government program years ago, and now the house, once the best house in the neighborhood, is condemned. 
In the past year, I've researched and collected hundreds of screenshots of the history of my hometown, Anniston, Alabama and Monsanto Chemical Company, changed to Solutia, and now to Eastman and under the helm of CEO Hugh Grant. What happened to the land, the air, the water, the children born and raised in a pretty, but poison sliver of "Alabama the Beautiful", and my family is a sin and a crime.  It's still happening. Don't let a bicycle trail across Coldwater mountain buy your blindness.  Monsanto still sits undisturbed at 702 Clydesdale, Anniston, Alabama.  No matter the corporate shell game, Solutia, Pharmacia, now Eastman, and perhaps next, Bayer, it's still Monsanto, and Hugh Grant. And anywhere Monsanto goes, there will be lies, corruption, and elaborate coverups of the truth. Monsanto has been the elephant in the room, at high school reunions, college reunions, social media, and anywhere else people from the West side of town gather, for far too long.   I'm tired of reading social media posts on sick and dying YOUNG men and women in the prime of their lives, from Wellborn and surrounding areas, and scrolling through the "praying" comments. Pray, yes, always pray.  But speak the truth, for God's sake. Poison dirt, land, and water is not God's will.
This is my land.  My father planted fescue grass, peach and apple trees, and gardens of beans, okra, tomatoes, squash, watermelon, and more, all the years I can remember. The grass still grows lush, but the fruit trees are gone, and no one plants a garden there anymore. 

My mother posing behind a red berry bush
when we lived just a couple of hundred yards from
Coldwater creek and the Methodist church.
Sara Webber RIP 1927- 2011

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant's pose belies
priorities perhaps. Cocktail in one hand, eye glasses in the other.
My father, brother, and me

My father on his scooter
and the last garden he grew.
William Webber - RIP-1928-1990
Then why does Monsanto refuse the
University of Alabama at Birmingham's
efforts at more comprehensive neurological
studies of the children who grew up there?
What if Hugh Grant's children had been posing, playing, breathing, dirtying their knees, their faces with land soaked with massive amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls?

Coldwater Creek, the bridge on
Cecile Drive, and the Methodist church
to the right.

My mother always reminded me that
my brother was premature and about the
allergies and asthma he suffered from growing
up.  David Webber, RIP 1958-2014

Ft. McClellan.

So do I, Michael Lapihuska.
So do I.


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