Thursday, February 9, 2017


In my right lung, feels like a combination
 of getting my funny bone hit and having an
itch that I can't scratch. The sensation then
radiates through my neck and head and
sometimes my right arm. Nothing but
sleep calms down these sensations. I need
answers.  Please share or comment if
you have any insights or suggestions.

February 15, 2017 -  For almost one year I have been seeking medical diagnosis and treatment in Clearwater, Florida in Pinellas county for symptoms that support a clinical diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease.  These symptoms are debilitating, and have robbed me of now going on five years of my life.

Since I decided to seek medical help after happening on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry David talked about Lyme Disease, googled it, and believed I'd found the answer to my extreme fatigue, brain fog, shortness of and shallowness of breath, and more, I have been met with a variety of resistance against efforts to consider the entire picture of my health and to using available testing beyond the very unreliable with both false positives and false negatives, Western ink blot test.

This resistance has come from the Clearwater Free Clinic's volunteer staff and doctors who I originally sought diagnosis and treatment from, to the Diagnostic Clinic in Palm Harbor and Dr. Jon Beasley, covered by my Florida Blue Cross insurance policy, and even to the Mease Dunedin Emergency Room and staff.  Additionally, I have made phone calls, and even made direct visits to doctor's offices to ask questions and find a response to my sincere request for help other than shirking, or dismissing me as soon as or near to as soon as I utter the word Lyme. Those too, proved unfruitful.

Well, I am not giving up. These folks I've mentioned and others, consider yourselves on notice. You can't be medical professionals who take an oath, including to "first do no harm" and treat this human being as you have without recognition. I don't believe I am the only one encountering these roadblocks of denial, ignorance, and indifference, but I will speak out and up, conventionally and unconventionally.  I'll be updating this page. Take it now for what it's worth...As my pledge to truth, and to revealing those who hide from it. And to the pursuit of the care that will restore my health and life to me, so that I can once again, care for others who need my help.  ~~~Sandra


 I started getting sick in 2012. Right about the time I was finishing cleaning up my neighborhood with my own blood, sweat, and tears because nobody else would...Not the city of Clearwater, not the county of Pinellas, not the banks who owned the foreclosed houses, not even volunteer organizations who I contacted for help!
I have every bit of my efforts documented and until now had not connected the dots. I jumped through the hoops and have insurance now and today will see a doctor.  I've had many blood tests already and ruled a lot out.  So I continue....

A Trump supporter with a history of
domestic violence...and ....a licensed medical doctor.  I felt
a very bad vibe from this guy, and when I came home, I checked and found this.


Wow. Now I am SURE I am being punked. I did not extreme vet the doctor I chose to see. Turns out I should have. He was cold, robotic, dismissive, argumentative, brought in two guys he was "training" to do "recordkeeping" during our appointment, and basically I left feeling worse than when I arrived. So I looked him up. Seems Jon Beasley, M.D. is a Trump supporter with a record of domestic violence in two counties in Florida and has a pending malpractice case.  Maybe he had looked me up and brought in the two "backups" since I was clearly a "Snowflake"....

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